I squeal ‘Penelope’!!

I watched ‘Penelope’- starring Catherine O’Hara, James McAvoy, Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon- it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen so far and I highly recommend it! It’s both a light-hearted but touching movie and has a hint of fantasy…which makes me love it even more!!Has alot of surprises as well…and there’ll be  alot of  ‘Aha’  moments=) It’s really sweet and even teaches something to all of us at the end..there’s no second thoughts about watching this…just go for it!Penelope trailer

penelope, christina ricci



‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz and Colibie Caillat

A song that makes me DREAM…\'Lucky\' by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

Meg Cabot Book Craze!

In my early teen years, I was crazy about Meg Cabot’s books!At present, I have counted 14 books-which (back then) to me cost a fortune. I was a sucker for fictional romance stories and would never put the book down once I started reading it!

But I’m not alone, I am sure there are many of you out there who were ‘Once upon a time’ “fans” of a now considered “lame” author =P

First Book from 'The Mediator' Series

First Book from 'The Mediator' Series

Like many of you, I absolutely loved the ‘Harry Potter’ Series, I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but for some odd reason books from the fantasy/fiction genre have always interested me because they allow me to escape from my quite ‘mundane’ life =)

There’s no doubt that I’m still hooked onto these kind of books..but my last two years of school have steered me away from these genres and instead left me with study material…<sigh>

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