To-do list for the gap year:

1)Learn how to drive

2) Make my own cookery book

3)Learn to design n sew my own clothes

4) On line courses for animation n other art techniques

5) Continue learning French, read french books n watch french movies!!

6) Singing classes to brush up my voice…

7) Make a scrap book!

8)Paint my walls in blues

9) Hang my paintings n think of what to do with other ones…

10) Read…read…read…expand my vocab!! Spend book voucherz on good readz!

11) Learn to play an instrument…guitar?

12) Save..resist from splurging!!

13) Practice yoga and meditating.

14) Act/Sing in a public play- audition for the main role!

15) Volunteer/ Internship in home country for a couple of months…


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