The Beginning of my art Collection…


After 3 months of not painting, it was time to dive into the artistic palate!

I pinned this piece onto my ‘hand-me-down’ cork board. I wanted it to be quite bold… and sharp, so I used gouache paints.

The dress was supposed to be white but it was accidentally mixed into other colours creating an almost salmon colour. I think it actually worked to my advantage!=)



Random paintings

Two paintings that I did prior to starting my IB course and during…Enjoy!


Lion in the Desert

IB art exhibition-April 2009

Since I followed the IB course for two years, my Visual Arts course had to be presented in the form of an exhibition at the end of the 2 years. A certified IB examiner tested our presentation skills and spent approx 40 minutes speaking, criticising and sharing his ideas with us. It was definitely tough, even though we had practiced with our teachers-he hardly let us speak!!So we had to  make sure that our ideas were put across!

But…putting that aside-the hard work and countless months we spent on our pieces definitely paid off!

The following entries will contain some of my final art pieces including experimented work…Enjoy!

Ink Art-01

I love working with ink-coz u have so much control over it. N i love the different techniques that can be used!It’s gr8!

comic -ink style

X-men Orgins:Wolverine

I have no idea why I’m uploading this picture-the end result is quite sad! I think his head was a bit too BIG for his body!=P…But I’ll have to learn from it…


Blood-my own cartoon style

Wanted to share this painting with everyone-it isn’t one of my best and I definitely have to improve!!

I practice drawing by looking at magazines- for human figures.I love the comic style and am trying to find my own

style by trying out different techniques=)

Blood-cartoon style

To-do list for the gap year:

1)Learn how to drive

2) Make my own cookery book

3)Learn to design n sew my own clothes

4) On line courses for animation n other art techniques

5) Continue learning French, read french books n watch french movies!!

6) Singing classes to brush up my voice…

7) Make a scrap book!

8)Paint my walls in blues

9) Hang my paintings n think of what to do with other ones…

10) Read…read…read…expand my vocab!! Spend book voucherz on good readz!

11) Learn to play an instrument…guitar?

12) Save..resist from splurging!!

13) Practice yoga and meditating.

14) Act/Sing in a public play- audition for the main role!

15) Volunteer/ Internship in home country for a couple of months…